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Steve Wade, also known as ‘The Artist Wade’ is a West Yorkshire, UK based Artist. 


His paintings are based around celebrity / icon portrait work with his own unique abstract flair. This style has made Steve’s work instantly recognisable and has gained him a huge following and a fantastic worldwide reputation and client base.  


He’s developed his own art process to give his finished painting a superior look and feel to ensure colours stay vibrant and the art he produces still looks as sharp and crisp decades later as the day it left Wade Gallery. 


His whole life he has been involved in art and design. From 16 years old leaving school he worked as a design engineer operating CAD for over a decade designing aesthetic commercial vehicle bodywork where he set up his own business, Auto-Lift Uk Ltd, which still operates to this day under the ownership of his brother. 



Although this was a great success and allowed him to concentrate time in various art projects throughout his 20’s and 30’s it still wasn’t quite the role he was looking for in life. 

So, looking for new challenges and to feed his appetite for art, at 37 he started tattooing. Tattoos had always been a part of his life and he enjoyed all aspects of the tattoo industry. 


He opened up All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge, and 4-5 years later opened a second studio Halifax Tattoo Collective and won various awards at some of the UKs leading conventions for his Tattoo work. 


Both studios are still open to this day and are thriving under the supervision of both Steve and his partner Torz. All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire is now also the home of Wade Gallery where he creates his paintings and showcases all available pieces, open to the public. 


Steve Wade’s original paintings and the Limited Edition prints are delivered weekly throughout the world! So you don’t have to be in the UK to enjoy his art. 


All paintings and prints listed include FREE worldwide delivery with only a very few exceptions! 


All rights to all artwork produced, are owned by Steve Wade
- The Artist Wade.

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